Collab with Bonzin !

01 /28 2018
bonzins mod

ok i'm back with one quite special mod : it's a collab between me and Bonzin-san from JEB!
i offered him to make custom sized set of inserts and outserts for his エァ mod , because i loved the design pretty much , but i was'nt able to got the stuff to make one myself . he was kind enough to accept my offer, so i made him two set of inserts and outserts , and sent them to japan ~ it's always a great experience to exchange with unknow peoples abroad , and i really do hope to do more things like that . here he used only one set of the bundle i gifted him , so maybe we'll have more of these beauty to come ! i'm pretty proud of how it all look , but i think that the best way to describe it is as Bonzin himself did : 「ファッキンクール」
(credits for the pic goes to him by the way )

VT customs inserts

01 /12 2018
photo VT
Watercolor and ink custom inserts made for the one and only Vore-Tex .(he's the one who took the photograph ) . the black and whites ones are made with pilot G1 fine , and were dawn freehand, without any draft . i can't wait to see what mods he'll do with them ^-^

Ukiyo-e and Irezumi inspired inserts

Watercolor /feltpen inserts
01 /10 2018

Hey ! for the first post here, have a series of inserts i did with indian ink , watercolor and a golden pentel HGG . I've drawn my inspiration from Ukiyo-e paintings and from more modern irezumi style tatoos. they're G3 sizeds. the process was quite long, but i think the result was worthing it !


Welcome! I'm gunter, a new spinner frop FPSB. since i love drawing and modding, i started to make custom inserts with watercolor or ballpoint pens... and this is the place to show all my work : all the things i did for myself , and the orders i took . i hope you'll enjoy it !